Repair and Recover Outlook 2010 Lost and Corrupted data

Today, in the era of technological advancement, where not a single work can be done without emails and virtual conversations, outlook plays a very significant role. And, loss of even a single mail, contact & such data can create a trouble and lead to delay in response and results.

To avoid such troublesome, there are few ways which can save you from losing data and going panic.There are 2 importants points which you should keep in mind.

Point 1 :- Location of PST files

Remember Outlook saves the data in a file with pst extension. It creates pst files by default and automatically stores all the Outlook items such as emails, contacts, calendars, events etc.

Location of PST files in Outlook 2010 :- File -> Info -> Account Settings -> Account Settings-> Data Files

Point 2 :- Keep backup of pst files

  • First of all close Outlook if running
  • Go to the pst file location
  • Copy it to new and safe location like:
    • Another hard drive/another PC
    • External hard disk
    • A USB
    • A CD
    • A DVD
    • Online data storage

Outlook Recovery Tool

Scanpst.exe   Realizing about this highly ocurring problem amongst its users, Microsoft has now come up with an inbuilt tool named as Scanpst.exe in the latest version i.e. Outlook 2010. The default location of scanpst :

C drive->Program files-> Microsoft Office-> Office 14

If you are unable to locate it, you can also download it from the website of Microsoft. But, this has got very restricted and minimal benefits, most of the times producing ineffective results and killing time. And in most of the cases it is sheer waste of time.

So, as a fruitful alternative to this, you can go for Outlook recovery software. Even If the corruption level is of higher degree, it repairs and recovers 100% of lost and corrupted data. It is very user friendly and comes with additional features as follow:

  • Repairs and recovers all files which Scanpst is unable to do
  • Recovers larger Pst files (larger than 2 gb)
  • Retrieve even the deleted files and data, irrespective of it been delelted intentionally or accidently
  • Recovers data in its original state and restores in its original place
  • Also recovers passwaord protected files
  • Provides preview of the recovered emails
  • After recovery Pst files can be saved anywhere-local drives network drives
  • Supports old as well as latest Windows including Windows 2000
  • Repairs pst files of latest as well as earlier Outlook versions, including Outlook 2000

Free Download: If you want to evaluate the software before buying the actual product, you can go for the trial version which is free of cost. You can realise its benefits here.